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SBS provides highest quality custom Sheet Metal, Read more about Manufaturing Capabilities.


Since 1984 BS has been leader in Precision Machining.
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At 90,000 PSI "The Flow Waterjet cutter" cuts virtually any material into any shape "View Video"

Manufacturing Capabilities !

SBS’s talented, experienced shop crew works hard to maximize production efficiency and keep costs low for the client. An extensive collection of tools and machinery is employed to produce parts of expert craftsmanship.

SBS Shop Highlights

Spot Welder
‣ 1/4 Inch thick Stainless and Steel Welding
‣ 1/8 Inch Aluminum Welding
‣ SCIAKY - 150 KVA″
Amada RG125 Press Brake
‣ 138-ton capacity
‣ 10feet long
‣ Workhorse of SBS
Mazak 510 C II
‣ Live Tooling
‣ With Turn Table
‣ Accuracy within .0002″
Flow Waterjet Cutter
‣ 90,000-psi cuts virtually any material (up to 6″ thick) into any shape
‣ Dynamic Cutting
‣ Up to 12° of taper
‣ Accuracy within .003″
Amada Vipros Turret Punch Press
‣ 33-ton capacity
‣ Punching accuracy of .004″
‣ Workhorse of SBS
Mazak 250 MSY Lathe
‣ Live Tooling
‣ 14″ Max Swing
‣ Accuracy within .0002″
Mazak Nexus Vertical Machining Centers
‣ Two 12,000-rpm/25-hp units
‣ Through Coolant
‣ Accuracy within .0003″
Amada CNC Hydraulic Brake
‣ One 80-ton capacity unit
‣ One 35-ton capacity unit
‣ High-speed system
‣ High-degree of ram repeatability
‣ Superior bend accuracy
‣ Easily handles complex parts
Silk Screening Station
‣ Accurately adds graphics to parts
‣ Can be performed on metals, plastics, & epoxies
‣ Endless array of color options
CNC Engravers
‣ 28″ by 21″ Table
Mil-Spec Painting
Mil-S-2219 Certified Welders

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